Helping Woking Strokeability


Rehabilitation activities can help give stroke survivors back their life and Woking Strokeability needs your support. We need help to restore confidence, fitness and getting limbs moving as much as possible. Exercise is so valuable after a stroke, whatever type has been suffered. Carers also need support and benefit from the contact with fellow members.

Plans and goals to aid rehabilitation can be made and supported to help particular problems. Understanding that these will be different for each person and will change over time. Rehabilitation support from Woking Strokeability can help you to:

  • Develop coping skills to deal with longer term stroke impacts.
  • Regain physical movement and skills which have been affected by stroke, for example walking, balance or dexterity.
  • Get on with life after leaving hospital by providing social, emotional and practical support in a friendly environment.

There are many ways that you can help

  • We can always use volunteers to help our members achieve their goals.
  • Fundraising is a constant challenge and any support is always appreciated.
  • Helping to arrange and support our social events.
  • Spreading the word about our charity.
  • Volunteering with Woking Strokeability

Making a donation

  • £15 will contribute to the lifeguard fee for one week.
  • £55 will hire the pool for one week
  • £90 will provide the studio/gym trainers fees for one week
  • £130 will fund the studio/gym and trainers for one week
  • £230 will subsidise venues, trainers and a life guard for one week